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Benefits of Hydraulic Press Brakes

Benefits of Hydraulic Press Brakes

There are three different types of hydraulic presses, each having its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Currently, there are traditional, hybrid, and electric hydraulic presses. Each of these kind of hydraulic presses has its pros and cons that, when looked at closely, will help you find the best hydraulic press brake for your specific needs. After you’ve determined what you need, you should compare hydraulic press brake models to find out which one is right for you.

Portable and Light Weighted

The main benefit of a CNC hydraulic press brake is its lightweight design and portability. Lightweight means reduced physical stress on the vehicle’s lower body, making it more comfortable for long-haul driving and general use. Hydraulic presses are ideal for bending metals like sheet metal because of the increased pressure and tensile strength offered by the lower beam. These presses can also be used in applications where you need to press heavy or compact materials without damage to the sheet metal.


The key advantages of using hydraulic presses are their portability and flexibility and the benefit of tube laser cutting Ontario. They are very easy and convenient to use, especially for transportation of material that requires the use of fewer hydraulic parts. For example, you can easily carry a hydraulic press brake during long-distance transport to a job site, making the operation faster and easier. This also reduces fatigue to the lower body of the vehicle during transportation, which also increases safety. The lower beam of a hydraulic press brake reduces lifting forces, allowing you to perform the lowering and raising of the bottom tool without exerting undue pressure on the vehicle’s chassis. By contrast, an electric brake has a counter-balancing effect on the lifting force, which results in less stress to the vehicle’s suspension system.

Operate Manually and Automatically

Also, hydraulic press brakes can be operated manually or automatically, depending on the type of press that you have purchased. Manual operation includes a switch that activates and deactivates the system, and an adjustable lowering limit and top end. Automatic operation includes a light curtain and a clutch lever. Both these features provide maximum braking performance for heavier vehicles or when you need to operate the system quickly.

Comes with a Back Gauge

Most of them also come with a back gauge. The back gauge is usually installed inside the vehicle, but some of them come with a removable side-fill cap for easy access. It is where the metal is held in place by a series of bends. The lower edge of the back gauge should always face forward, as it provides a good seal against the metal. If you install the wrong type of back gauge, the metal could be bent and damaged.