Zits (EWWW!) Pop N’ Play Pimples + Giveaway

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My son has been all into gross toys lately. I originally thought it was a boy thing, however, my niece is the same! Its just the “in” thing with kids right now! I was shocked how much my son loved this, extreamly weird toy. He had a blast putting pimples all over himself as well as mommy. He found it quite funny!

Although these have to be one of the weirdest children toys I have ever seen, it works. The kids love it, it was fun for them, and it kept them entertained.

First came the whoopie cushion, then stink bombs, fake vomit, slime and poop emoji toys.  Now New York City’s NSI International, Inc. is taking “gross” to a whole new level. Introducing Zits (EWWW!) pop n’ play pimples. Just press them on, squeeze ‘em, and gross out everyone!

“Kids have loved anything disgusting since the beginning of time,” says NSI President Frank Landi. “Whoopie cushions date all the way back to medieval times, and plastic poop has been around since the 1950s. Every generation has its own spin on gross toys. We wanted to go where no toy has gone before and still be fun! So, ‘we got Zits!’”

Zits pop n play pimples are safe and non-toxic. They come in several sizes and are being sold in a massive pack of 100 for $19.99 at IGotZits.com. They will be coming this March to Walmart and other major retailers and will be sold in packages of 25, with an MSRP of $4.99.

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