Your Shoppin’s Gone Rotten: Grossery Gang

Southern Momma’s received the below items for free in order to publish this post. However, all opinions are 100% her own.

They’re the ickiest squishiest collectibles around, get ready for the The Grossery Gang Bug Strike! It’s time to fight the bug strike! Just when you thought things couldn’t get muckier, a grotty Bug Army has struck Cheap Town. The Grossery Gang are prepared for battle and ready to take on the bugs with all new characters and all new teams to collect! The all new parachuting Para Crawler bugs, The wall crawling (sticky) SWAT team and the squishy Bug Brigade are all ready to strike The Grossery Gang! Collect your trashy troops and launch them into action with your Cruddy Crossbow (only in the large pack)! It’s an all out war for who rules Cheap Town!

My son always tries to steal my nieces shopkins. Something about a small toy I guess. I was excited when I came across The Grossery Gang! The first time I saw them I immediately thought “Shopkins for Boys!!”

I find The Grossery Gang’s to be utterly odd, but usually, the odder things are for me the more my son loves them. Boy did he love these!

First, he loves the mystery of bind bags. I have no idea why but kids go CRAZY over them! We can sit there for hours just opening blind bags to see whats inside and he will be completely entertained.

Not only does he like opening the Grossery Gang Blind Bags, but he actually plays with them. The collectibles are fun to collect as well as play with!

  • It’s time to fight the bug strike! The Grossery Gang are prepared for battle! Help these filthy fighters battle the bugs!
  • 150 Grosseries to collect with all new teams such as Dessert Warefare, Hair Force and Army Preserves
  • Collect the exlusive Night Ops Grosseries with a special glow in the dark finish
  • Contains 16 Grosseries (including 2 exclusive Grosseries), 16 weapons, 16 ammo crates and a Collector’s Guide
  • Collect, swap and play with the grossest collectibles around

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