Trix Trux

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My son in a Trux Loving Fool. These were super fun, for everyone!

We loved being able to build and play! These Trux’s were hours of entertainment for my little one. Trix Trux’s are perfect to get your child’s imagination rolling. Having endless opportunities to build will keep your little one interested.

Build it, Flip it, Roll it! Trix Trux is the ultimate obstacle course playset for those who love to put gravity to the test!

Our mission is to help inquisitive kids endlessly build and maneuver tracks and courses that are full of fun and learning! Trix Trux monster trucks are four-wheel drive with the ability to roll on many variations of tracks and obstacles provided with the playset. From zip linesmonster ramps, and tidal wave obstacles, watch and be amazed as to how Trix Trux monster trucks manage to plough on in gravity-defying ways!

Race your trucks. Knock your rival trucks off the tracks! Perfect for the living room, playground, or classroom, Trix Trux is the obstacle course kids will flip out for!

Trix Trux Features

  • Collect All Four Trucks: Hot Rod – Special Ops – Monster Truck – Van
  • Over 17′ of Track & Stunts
  • Action Oriented Stunts – Multiple Ways to Play
  • Climb, Hang, Go Backwards, Pop Wheelies, Balance Mid-Steam & Face Plant!
  • Flexible & Bendable Track for Easy Customization – No Wrong Way to Build!
  • 4 Wheel Drive With Deep Treads and Side-by-Side Grooves for Maximum Traction
  • Custom Decals Included – Trick Out Your Trucks!
  • Portable Trix Bag for Easy Clean-Up or Take The Adventure Anywhere!

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