Time to Be a Summer Hero box

Southern Momma’s received the below items for free in order to publish this post. However, all opinions are 100% her own.

Hi everyone. Before I get into showing you some amazing PJ Masks Products, I wanted to kind of inform you. I am now a VIP PJ Masks Blogger. I will get to see first hand PJ Masks products to share with you! My son and I are thrilled to be a part of this amazing program! We can’t wait to share all of the products we get to feature. 

The recent box we received was very fun, and perfect for SUMMER! We got some fantastic goodies that my son and I were ecstatic about! We had a Super Fun Summer Day when our box first arrived. Of course, my son had no idea what was coming in so when he opened the box to his all-time favorite show and seen so many awesome goodies, his reaction was priceless. Each item he took out was better than the last! 

This Time to Be a Summer Hero box includes a SUPER cool golf set, frisbee, bubbles, water bottle and other fun items to keep my little hero busy all Summer long! My son was so happy to have his very own Gulf Tournament, of course, it was even better since it was PJ Masks themed. We enjoyed the day playing outdoors with our golf set, frisbee, and bubbles. 

My little one was so cute playing with the Golf Set, I have never seen him so interested and determined to play a sport. It was so enjoyable watching him have so much fun and loving every minute of it. All of the items were very entertaining for little ones, which made them perfect buys for this Summer. 

Each item was made with a hard durable plastic making this better than your average cheap retailer merchandise. I was excited to believe that these items wouldn’t just get thrown away. They looked to be well made, which assured us they would last longer. 

Can be found at major retailers including major drugstores, Walmart, Walgreens, etc!