Then & Now

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions (and memories!) are my own.


You would let me rock you to sleep, twiddling your fingers in my hair. We would play for hours with the same toys, using that wonderful imagination. Tears on your first (few) days of school. Followed by excitement coming home to tell me all about it.


You are too big for my little lap. You play for hours, with your friends. Becoming a young man, right before my eyes. How you enjoy watching football, and completely understand it. Loving school, hanging out with friends.

Your little ones grow up so quickly, the memories will last forever.

Being similar to this piece from Dr. Ken Ginsburg at the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. Being able to remember all the things I loved about babyhood and see that a lot of it repeating in the teen years. Check out this new resource because we could all use a guide on this parenting journey.

Do you have any Favorite Baby Memories? How are the different from your teen is doing now?

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  • Tammy Catterton October 9, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Yes kids grow to fast treasure the moments you share with them. Communicate with them often thanks or sharing this .


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