The Ultimate Toy Car Kids Will Love

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Remember spending your childhood days outdoors, hanging from trees, riding bikes, playing with cars… letting your imagination run wild?! Life was FUN! Nowadays, kids aren’t like that. They honestly don’t know what they are missing out on.
Let’s bring that same energy back — whether you’re a kid or kid at heart, Modarri Cars can help you have FUN!
Modarri is the ultimate toy car letting you become the designer, mechanic, and driver. Named Popular Science’s best toy for two years, these cars will stand the test of time, never needing batteries and never breaking.
My son and I both had a blast with these cars. We loved having endless possibilities and letting our imagination run free.
A lot of toy cars are fun for a minute but then the drive to play with them sputters away like an empty gas tank. That’s probably because they have limited play value, provide no real challenge, or they fall apart as quickly as they’re bought; but Modarri cars drive kids wild with excitement through endless, creative play.

Modarri cars are durable, finger-powered toy cars with interchangeable high-quality parts, real steering, suspension, rubber tires and no batteries needed. Your kid’s design and build their own models using their imagination and creativity. 3 cars together can be designed over 35,000 different ways! A Modarri car can be built in less than a couple of minutes using the quick assembly system, which features built-in screws that don’t fall out.

Because there are so many new designs to be discovered and they can be driven just like a real car, your kids will be captivated for hours, taking them away from the iPad and TV and inspiring an old-fashioned love of play.

My son loved creating different cars and playing with them for hours at a time. I love that Modarri Cars help with STEM. My son has to really concentrate to change and create different cars each and every time.

Modarri Cars have a ton of different kits, each one making more possibilities for your child’s creations!

Why Your Kids Will Love Modarri Cars:

Customize Your Ride – Your kids can design and build their own car just the way they want it –  choosing the wheels, suspension, chassis, fenders, hood, frame, color pallet and more!

Real mechanics – With a patented steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger-sized bucket seat, you drive them like no other car and you can actually “feel the road.”

Finger driven – Do tight figure 8s, wheelies, slalom racing or any car tricks you can think of!

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