Swabbies Offers Solution for Safer Diaper Changes

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Diaper changes can become tragic if an infant falls.

A baby will have his diaper changed about 2400 times during his first year of life.

Carman Campbell, the creator of Swabbies, says each diaper change is an opportunity for disaster to strike since it only takes one fleeting moment for a baby to roll or flip off the changing table.

“It is tricky to balance a squirmy baby with all the paraphernalia needed to change a baby’s diaper. One must prepare and have all items within easy reach. Even so, if you move away from the baby for even a second, they can roll over and “thud” is the worst noise a parent or caregiver ever wants to hear.” – Campbell

Traditionally, two hands have been needed for the application of diaper cream, which increases the risk of the baby falling during the process. Single-hand products such as those employing a single-hand applicator make it possible to have one hand free to control the baby’s movements, while the other hand easily applies just the right amount of diaper cream to the affected area.

Campbell, a mom of three, developed Swabbies out of necessity after desperately seeking a diaper rash cream that allowed her to have a free and clean hand while changing her baby’s diaper.

Swabbies provides a single-hand applicator with a uniquely formulated herbal diaper rash cream made from organic materials such as grape seed oil, olive oil and tea tree oil, as well as beeswax, shea butter and lavender. To promote rapid healing, Swabbies also contains 40% zinc oxide.

After many diaper rashes that end badly, I was excited to try Swabbies out. I was not only impressed with how amazing and fast it worked, however, it was so simple to use! When you have a child that was as squirmy as mine was, this comes in handy. It was so nice to easily and quickly put some ointment to relief my child from that painful rash.

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