Summer Must Haves: Undercover, Underwater with Giggly Goggles

Southern Momma’s received the below items for free in order to publish this post. However, all opinions are 100% her own.

My son is a water bug! He always complained about the water getting in his eyes. Then we came across Giggly Goggles. We both feel in love! Goggly Goggles were completely comfortable, durable, and effective. I don’t think we will ever own a different type of goggles, these are honestly a godsend for toddlers.

I have never seen a pair of goggles be so comfy for little ones, as well as actually keep the water out. I find with toddler goggles, the eyepieces are so small they hardly ever actually keep water out. I was thankful to find a pair that actually did.

The Giggly Goggles, swim goggles, are the most comfortable and stylish goggles! They are super easy to put on with no need for any adjustments – the special bungee band on the side stretches for an easy fit for all sizes. Aside from not pulling one’s hair or hurting the bridge of the nose, these cool looking Neoprene masks and straps are sure to put a smile on every face and allow you to go undercover, underwater!

Some of The Giggly Goggles powers include:
  • Uniquely patented design allows for easy on & off, no need for adjustment!
  • Made from neoprene & rubber, they offer great traction & will stay in place!
  • Will put an end to the pain! Don’t pull hair or hurt the nose bridge!
  • The eye mask design protects from UV rays & prevents water from leaking in!
  • Top quality fog-free lenses, protect the eyes from harmful chlorine & chemicals!
  • Comes in 3 sizes to fit all: toddlers, kids, and young adults!
  • Original prints to reflect unique style including the latest trends mermaids & unicorns!
  • Can be personalized with name or initials so goggles are never lost again!

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