#StyledbyHibbett With Puma Defy

Southern Momma’s received the below items for free in order to publish this post. However, all opinions are 100% her own.

Lately, I have been a shoe fanati…well, I have always been. BUT I recently fell in love with sneakers, which I wasn’t a big fan of before. The last couple of years I really started wearing them, a lot. Basically, I became a mom and lost the heels!

I wanted some shoes that were comfortable, stylish, and unique. You wouldn’t think so, but that is actually pretty hard to find. We have a local Hibbett Sports and I stopped by one day. I ended up loving the store. Not only do they have fantastic shoes, but they have adorable clothes as well as many other things for sports! Hibbett became our go to for anything and everything sports + MORE!

@HibbettSports  also has an online store, which I actually didn’t know until recently. I thought our local store had a wide selection; however, their online store had everything I could think of!

Being a tad bit shoe crazy, I have tons of name brand shoes. What I didn’t have though, was any shoes from PUMA. After searching the Hibbett site, I found a style and color I really liked. A new design called the Puma Defy created by Selena Gomez!

I was thrilled when these arrived. They looked better than I could have imagined. In person, they were truly stunning and looked incredibly comfy! Shoes are always sized weird to me, I never know how exactly they will fit. So when these fit perfectly true to size, I was super excited. I felt like I was walking on air, honestly, these shoes were so comfortable. We have a trip coming up to Disney and I am excited to bring my Puma Defys along. If you have been to Disney you know you walk, A LOT. These are perfect to keep my feet from hurting, as well as my back.

I was a little iffy about the white color getting dirty, however, they have held up very nicely. Tip: I use a magic eraser if any stains do happen.

I fell in love with not only the comfort and look of this shoe but also the fantastic quality! I have never been more impressed with a sneaker for myself. I have not found any faults with the Puma Defy. Comfort, Style, and Quality all get an A+.

Product Details

The Defy Women’s Sneakers are the ultimate choice to help you elevate your game. This shoe’s game-changing silhouette fuses style and functionality with a forward design and details that are perfect for fueling your training. A high rebound foam sole adds comfort while a fully knitted upper adds a minimalist appeal. Strategically placed TPU pieces in the upper provide additional support for all training movements, making this shoe perfect for any female athlete.


  • Designed to fit the female foot
  • Iconic style
  • Forward design and shape
  • Multiple dynamic color choices
  • Fully knitted upper for comfort and minimal look and feel
  • Strategically placed TPU pieces in upper for additional support for training movements
  • Provocative midsole height with Rebound Foam
  • Outsole with traction points for multidirectional movement
  • Medial rubber wrap up for additional support
  • PUMA Logo pull tab at tongue
  • Heel pull tab for easy on/off
  • PUMA Logo at heel

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