Stink Bomz

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What 5-10-year-old boy doesn’t love farts?   You’ve heard them…you’ve smelled them…but you’ve never met a fart…until now, that is! 

I’d like to introduce you to TOMY’s Stink Bomz, a line of collectible fart friends, each with their own silly smell, three unique fart noises and individual fun personalities. Stink Bomz will be ready to get the “farty” started this Fall with a suggested retail price of $9.99

My son thought these were the funniest thing ever! They are perfect for those last minute Stocking Stuffers! A mystery fart inside that your child is sure to love and laugh about! 

All Stink Bomz contain a collectible fart friend known as a Stink. Each Stink has their own silly smell and makes 3 unique fart noises. But best of all, every Stink has their own fun personality. Even though they’re all different, they have one important thing in common – they are ready to get the farty started!

These little things are super weird, but that what makes the kids totally love them! My son is ALL boy and he absolutely loved opening and playing with these! 

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