Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Kits for Girls

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Do you have a little girl who loves playing in Mommy’s Makeup? What if I told you they can create there own makeup! How cool? Perfect for girls of many different ages to get crafty! Make your own eyeshadow that’s edible again and again using household items!

Project Mc2an Emmy-nominated Netflix original show, and toy line inspire curiosity and learning through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)-based on themes we know girls already love! The new spring 2018 assortment is available just in time for Women’s History Month in March – these toys can help inspire girls to have future science and math careers.

The new Project Mc2 Gummy Jewelry Science Kit (Age: 6+, MSRP $24.99) gives girls a lesson on food chemistry. Create your own wearable gummy fashion accessories that you can eat, just like Project Mc2‘s cosmetic chemist, Adrienne Attoms.

Combine gelatin and other basic household ingredients into the molds to create fabulous edible gems! Snap on the included jewelry clasps, wear share, trade and eat!

Conduct your own experiments at home or on the go, just like the girls from Project Mc2. Make sweet treats you can wear and eat with Project Mc2’s Gummy Jewelry Science Kit.

About the experiment: Mixing gelatin into water creates an edible jelly. Gelatin is a protein that looks like millions of spaghetti strings under the best microscope on Earth, but when you heat it up, they start to untangle and dissolve. Once you cool it, the gelatin tangles up again and holds the liquid together. You can then brush on your favorite edible glitters and dust to design your perfect gummy-look. It’s a wearable, snack-able piece of jelly-jewelry! Try experimenting with different amounts of gelatin and assorted flavors to create your own unique style again and again!

Also inspired by Adrienne’s cosmetic chemistry skills, the Project Mc2 Edible Eye Shadow Science Ki(Age: 6+, MSRP: $14.99) lets girls make edible and wearable eyeshadow.

About the experiment: Cornstarch, which is derived from corn and often used to thicken liquids, is a common ingredient in lots of makeup. By combining it with a bit of powdered sugar and water, you can create a paste that works as an eyeshadow base. Next, you mix in mica-based food coloring (which gives wedding cakes their bright, exciting colors) and edible glitter to give your eyeshadow a custom color and shine! Finally, pack your compound into your eyeshadow palette using a spoon, let it dry, and voila! Try experimenting with assorted colors of food coloring and edible glitter to create dozens of delicious looks again and again!

My niece and I had a blast creating and experimenting with our sets! We got the Eyeshadow and the Jewelry kit. Both were extremely fun! I found both really helped with STEAM to her. SHe loves learning while having SO much fun! I even had a blast getting to create the eyeshadow!