Revolar: The Device That Can Save Your Life

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Have you ever felt uneasy traveling or walking alone? I know I have. This world has become completely crazy and I won’t like it scares the hell out of me. If I can do something or get something to ease my mind about my safety just a little, I will. Meet Revolar. 

Now you never have to have that feeling again. Revolar is a discrete, stylish, personal safety accessory that helps to keep everyone safe by allowing you to communicate more and worry less. The beautiful, powerful technology is more than just a panic button, with a click of the button it shares safety statuses and real-time GPS locations with trusted contacts – it’s also a simple way to connect with your friends, ditch bad dates, and much more. As sexual assault awareness month and summer travel season approaches, wanted to intro you to Revolar A device that can save your life.

During a true emergency situation, you don’t have time to take out your phone, unlock it, and call for help. That’s where Revolar comes in. With one click, Revolar can let a friend virtually walk you home, make your phone ring so you can excuse yourself from uncomfortable situations, let you check-in with loved ones, or ask for help if you need it. It can be easily hidden under your clothes, clipped on to your keys, purse or backpack which means that it is not noticeable at all and it’s connected with an app on your smartphone and you activate the device by clicking on the emergency button.

To date, Revolar has helped 9,500 Safe Check-Ins, 10,000 Yellow Alerts, and 6,400 Red Alerts. It’s important for your readers to know about products like Revolar especially at a time where we can act on the #MeToo movement and tech products to help prevent situations from occurring. Revolar was inspired by the co-founders’ personal experiences. After Jacqueline Ros found out her sister was sexually assaulted, twice, and Andrea Perdomo’s grandmother was kidnapped by guerrillas in Colombia, they knew that they needed to make it easier for women and men to get help when needed and to feel safe at all times

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