Potty Training: Tot on the Pot

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Oh, the joys of Toddlerhood! Toddlers are so fun until it’s time to potty train….. Totally Kidding, they are always fun!

Potty Training, however, is very hard in some cases.


Potty Training Tips & Tricks. 

  • Reward Box
    • When we were potty training our little one, we did the reward method. 1 for pee 2 for poo. We did simple rewards, McDonalds Toys, Dollar Toys, Candy, Stickers, Racecars anything small you can think of. It worked very well for Bentley. Anytime he would need to go he would rush to pick out a reward after.
  • Let them be Ready
    • Do not rush into potty training. They will let you know when they are ready. We rushed it with our son and he had no interest. As soon as we stopped forcing it on him, he was ready.
    • Seriously, my son potty trained himself. I was very lucky with him. He randomly told me he wanted to wear Big Bot Undies one day, and never went back. Of course, he had a few accidents, but that is where the Reward Box came in.

Potty Training is like eating a banana:
Start too early and it’ll be hard.
Start too late and it’ll be a mess.
Start when your child is ready and it’ll be juuuuuuuuust right!!

  •  Tot on the Pot
    • Make potty training fun for kids
      • What is Tot on the Pot? Tot on the Pot is a play-based Potty Training solution that simplifies the process for parents and makes it super fun for kids.
    • Tot on the pot combines both of the above tips. Helping your child get ready as well as rewarding them is the perfect way to help Potty Train. This kit is well thought out and very well made, making potty training as less stressful as possible.