Picnic Month with Ready Pac

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Did you know that July is Picnic Month? I didn’t either. My little one loves picnics, and so do I! They are the perfect way to bond and have a little fun in the sun. With Picnic month being in July, we decided to have many parks or picnic days! With that, we needed easy, but still delicious food. Ready Pac had some salads and wraps that were perfect for that on the go need!

We were so excited to taste all of the different options Ready Pac had! I loved most that Ready Pac had everything I could need in one spot for our picnic. The salad bowls came with everything, down to the fork! These were perfect for not just picnics, but work or anywhere on the go! I can honestly say I am in love with the taste as well as the ease of Ready Pac Foods. They make times of on the go so easy for food options! Not just salads, but the snack packs were delicious too. My son especially loves the apple snack packs!

Below are some of the deliciousness we got to venture out and try during Picnic month!

  • Caesar Bistro
  • Dinner Solutions Caesar Bistro
  • Bacon Caesar Supreme Grilled Chicken Bistro
  • elevAte Organic Sunflower Caesar
  • Organic Chopped Caesar Kit
  • Classic Caesar Salad Kit
  • Santa Fe Caesar Salad Kit
  • Bacon, Garlic, and Caesar Wraps
  • LTO Roasted Corn and Pulled Pork with BBQ Drizzle Bistro
  • Kickin’ BBQ Chopped Bistro
  • Turkey & Bacon Cobb Bistro
  • Hummus Snacker Ready Snax
  • Chef Bistro
  • Santa Fe Bistro
  • Caramel Apple Crisp Ready Snax

I was impressed and shocked at each of the salads. I will admit, some were out of my comfort zone, like the Pulled Pork. I was honestly impressed that they could combine different things and have it taste so amazing. I never knew I liked salad as much as I did until trying some of these very different, yet very tasty options!

History of Picnic Month
Throughout the recorded history of civilization, there has always been something special about leaving the stuffy confines of your home and eating a meal outdoors. We know there’s a beautiful world out there waiting for us to come visit it, and when summer comes around we’re reminded just how much time we’ve been locked inside or being eager to come in from the cold. The word ‘picnic’ is thought to have first been used by Tony Willis in 1692, and from that point forward everyone from the working class to the upper crust have been fascinated with taking their repast outside under the sky.
Picnics have been used for many things throughout the centuries, from a simply family gathering spent enjoying the outdoors, to being used as a peaceful protest in the Pan-European Picnic, which was held on the Hungarian/Austrian border in 1989. The most notable, and largest, picnic ever held spanned 600 miles, crossing France from coast to coast and celebrated the millennium’s first Bastille Day in 2000. Such a diverse resume for such a simple concept, don’t you think? Picnic Month celebrates the history of this activity and the way it has been used to bring families, countries, and all humanity together.

How to celebrate Picnic Month
Picnic month is exceptionally easy to celebrate! You just have to get outside into the world and enjoy all the wonderful sights and smells it has to offer. Get your family and friends together at a favorite nearby park and bring your favorite foods that can be eaten cold for a traditional picnic, or bring a small grill and prepare warm delicious food on the spot!

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