Outdoor FUN with Little Kids

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Summer is here for Louisiana! Tackling 80 degree weather days already, and it will only get hotter! We are spending our days outdoors as my son loves too! Bubbles and water have been our go-to so far with our Summer Weather! Thanks to Little Kids Inc, we got some adorable and FUN things to do last weekend! I mean ALL weekend too! My son had such a blast I felt like we were outside all day this past weekend!

It’s time to take bubble blowing to the next level. This trick set has everything you need to become the best. You can bounce bubbles, shape bubbles, stretch bubbles, and catch bubbles. You can make tiny bubbles, double bubbles, trapped bubbles, and connected bubbles. Learn these tricks and make your bubbles level up! Available at Target for $9.99.

My son is REALLY into PJ Masks currently, it just so happens to be one of his all-time favorite shows! The PJ Masks Water Rescue Pack was his favorite. He loves soaking Mommy & Daddy! It was a blast having a water toy that was perfectly sized for him all while still being powerful!

Little Kids Inc. will unveil a vast line of a new bubble and water products. Leading the line are new products designed specifically for Entertainment One’s sizzling hot PJ Masks property, including bubble blowing vehicles featuring the TV show’s three heroes (Cat Boy, Owlette, and Gekko) as well as Little Kids’ popular Water Rescue Packs that shoot water up to 30 feet. The spring line will also include newly designed bubble products created specifically for preschoolers little hands that, in addition to blowing bubbles, feature age-appropriate play patterns for the youngest kids to learn while playing.

PJ Masks Bubble Wand – $3.99

PJ Masks Water Rescue Pack – $14.99

PJ Masks Bubble Blastin’ Machine – $12.99

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