Minnie and Daisy are on Their Way with Happy Hearts and Helping Hands!

If your daughter is anything like my niece she is going to absolutely love this new DVD! This movie ran for 96 minutes, and we were stuck to the TV the entire time. With such adorable episodes, we didn’t want to miss a thing! We have always loved Minnie and Daisy, but these episodes made us fall in love with them even more. The episodes are perfect for a little mother-daughter bonding time. They are all super cute and watching my niece be so into this movie was priceless.

The Happy Helpers are back! In Minnie: Helping Hearts, Minnie and Daisy are ready to assist their friends with happy hearts and helping hands, whether it is babysitting or leading the Valentine’s Day dance contest! See these BFFs in action on Disney DVD on February 6th!


The Happy Helpers are on their way! When their friends need help, these two BFFs are at the ready! As the Happy Helpers from Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Minnie and Daisy can complete any task at hand, whether they are babysitters, personal assistants, or cruise ship directors leading the Valentine’s Day dance contest! Every day is an exciting new adventure and you can always count on the Happy Helpers to show up with happy hearts and helping hands!


The Happiest Helpers Cruise!

The Big Broadcast

Adventures in Buddy sitting!

Lights! Camera! Help!

Grandpa Beagle’s Day Out

Artful Helpers

Cuckoo La-La

Figaro’s New Friend

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