Marvel Bunch O Balloons

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Summer Boredom? How are you going to entertain your kids? Ever heard of Bunch O Balloons? I have found the perfect and super fun way to entertain kids for summer! Bunch O Balloons are so easy to use and even more fun to play with! Fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with this sensational self-tying, bio-degradable water balloons! Say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons! Your child can have tons of fun in seconds!

Simply connect to a water hose, fill and make hundreds of water balloons in seconds. Upon getting these in, I said no way more fun this work. I mean the balloons won’t tie they will just pop off. I for sure thought this was a waste of money! this sensational self-tying was I wrong! My son LOVES these! His face lights up when I pull them out. He even loves to help connect it to the hose and hold it while they fill up!

Bunch O Balloons have many different colors to choose from, as well as items! Our favorites are the bunch O Balloons Launcher and the Bunch O Balloons Splat Bat! My son Loves hitting the water balloon with the bat and watching it explode! You can check out what other great item Bunch O Balloons have on Amazon!