Learn & Play with ANIA Animals

ANIA, a line of cute and articulated animals designed to inspire exploration and a passion for nature, has a new line of animals that is sure to be loved by all children. ANIA brings animals around the world to your home and is perfect for the animal lover in your family.

With my son’s love for animals, I thought this was perfect! He loves getting all of his animals out and play zoo, or anything really! We were over the moon excited about these ANIA Animals. They were all so lifelike, my son adored them. My son has had many different play animals before, these are by far the best. They are not only lifelike, but they are durable, well made, and decent priced!

These animals are great for playing, learning, and even school projects! I have seen many people say they are perfect for projects, with being lifelike and sturdy I can see how! Kids will love the ANIA Animals that can help them unleash their creativity and imagination… and learn about nature as they play.

Playing with ANIA Animals can help your child learn:

Talking to kids about the different types of animals can help give them an early start learning about key concepts like nature and conservation. As they pretend to make animal sounds like growls and roars, kids will learn how to control their own voices and volume, and practice articulating sounds to form words. The imaginary adventures kids take their animals on will develop storytelling and conversational turn-taking skills, as well. Plus, children will develop emotional skills as they pretend to care for these replicas of living things.

Get ready for a pack of animal fun with ANIA Animals, the all-new preschool line of articulated animals and playsets designed to inspire hours of nature-themed play and exploration. Highly-detailed ANIA Animals feature multiple points of articulation for realistic role play and feature animals from around the globe. SRP: $4.99-$6.99. Ages: 3 years and up.

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These ANIA Animals were given to Southern Momma’s free in order to write a 100% honest review.