Goliath Takes Family Camping to the Next Level

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Goliath urges you to grab your kids, your tent and the family dog for the epic camping adventure.  Goliath provides the keys for an unforgettable family camping trip, featuring Charades for Kids-Travel, Flip’n Chips, Color Smash, i-Top and 6-In-1 Travel Magnetic Games and for the active family, Zoom Ball™, and Zoom Ball Hydro.

Leave your cellphones behind, disconnect from the world and embrace quality family time this summer.  These family-friendly games are guaranteed to create hours of fun, laughter, and bonding for the entire family. These games were made with the traveling family in mind and are extremely portable. They are the perfect size to be thrown into a camping bag, simply leave room for plenty of s’mores ingredients.

We are all about games! My son just loves them. Goliath always has super fun games that all the kids love. Family Nights have never been so fun. 

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 Charades for Kids-Travel is designed for kids of all ages to play and enjoy. Each of the 150 charade clue cards includes a word and a picture so even the youngest of children can play. This classic game is a family favorite sure to bring smiles to everyone around the campfire.

 Create a new family tradition this camping trip with i-Top, spin it to win it. i-Top is an incredibly sophisticated spinning top that can keep track of the number of spins spun. Have a friendly family competition to see who can spin the highest score and unlock the most hidden challenges. Who will be the ultimate i-Top master?

 Take a break from hiking with Color Smash, the fun, fast card game of color coordination and fast reflexes. Color Smash includes 113 colorful slap cards, each one featuring a different color and word combo. Family members take turns laying out their slap cards, until there is a splat with the correct color word on it then SLAP! Be the first player to collect the most cards to win.

 6-In-1 Travel Magnetic Games has something everyone will love including Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers, and Snakes and Ladders. It is the perfect travel companion as the built-in storage drawer holds everything your family needs. Let siblings take turns selecting their favorite game this camping trip.  

 Enjoy a family picnic with Flip’n Chips, the refreshing memory game. Shake up the game then pour out the fun, as family members take turns flipping chips over to match the colors and shapes. The first players to match seven chips wins. 

Spend the day fishing with the Rocket Fishing Rod, just pump, launch and reel in the fish. The Rocket Fishing Rod is great for kids of all ages, it replaces standard kids fishing poles and takes the hassle out of fishing.

Cool off and have some watery fun with Zoom Ball Hydro, zip it to rip it. Parents and children each hold onto one of the handles as the Zoom Ball zooms back and forth. Think quick, you never know when the water balloons inside the Zoom Ball will pop, soaking you with water. 

The whole family will love kicking the Soccer Ball around before enjoying s’mores by the fire. The Goliath Soccer Ball is made of tough, waterproof neoprene for all-weather play. It’s heavy-duty stitching makes it the perfect soccer ball for any camping adventure.

Zoom Ball is the fast action toy-sport game that will bring your family hours of fun and exercise this camping trip. Pull the handles to send the ball flying over to your partner and get ready for them to send it back. You better act fast and keep the ball zooming. These travel games are the key to unlocking the ultimate family camping trip. Bring the family closer together this summer with a camping getaway full of games, fun and laughter. These games can be found at all major retailers. iTop will be available August 2018.