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Coffee. Oh, how we live off of coffee! My family is always looking for new, great, and different coffee. We came across GettysGear and were pretty intrigued. The coffee was fantastic, and gave us a good push we needed for the day! I was impressed by the amazing taste. I found GettysGear coffee to be smooth, rich, and tasteful.

You don’t have to be a Civil War or history buff to enjoy a great cup of coffee from

Specializing in hand-crafted gifts and accessories made right in Gettysburg, Pa., many customers return over and again for the flavor and aroma of the gourmet blends roasted in small batches by the Great Gettysburg Coffee Company™ or the company’s wide assortment of hand-painted, American-made items dedicated to the Gettysburg experience.

  • Gourmet Coffee Blends & Mugs – Coffee lovers nationwide revel in the glorious taste of the Guardian, a dark roast with a bittersweet, full-bodied taste; the President, a medium roast reminiscent of a breakfast blend; the Quartermaster, a splendid, aromatic blend of cinnamon, pecan, chestnut, and rum; and theGeneral, a delicious blend of mocha, caramel, and vanilla
  • Hand-cast Aluminum Eagles made in the traditional sand cast method and meticulously hand-painted in a four-step process available in a variety of finishes and with wing spans ranging from 12” to 25”
  • Comfortable, Handmade Throws made from 12 hand-cut 12 1/2″ squares featuring popular Civil War art in a natural blue, gray and color scheme
  • Home Décor items like the company’s hand-cast, 1-foot aluminum cannon wheel designed to add beauty, style, and a touch of history to any home, garden, or landscape

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