Fresh With Color Scents

This post was sponsored by Color Scents, all opinions are my own.

With it being summer and my son being home all day, our trash can fills at least once a day. Recently hearing about Color Scents from Walmart, I was intrigued. A trash bag that smells good, holds more, and has a sleek design? I mean what more can you ask for? I know! A Savings! During June/July 2018, in-store you can find an instant redeemable coupon for $1.00 off the Color Scents 13-gallon trash bags while supplies last! Now that is what I am talking about!

Since switching to Color Scents, I finally don’t feel like I am taking out the trash every day. With this trash bag having strength and stretch I can fit more than ever inside! Plus the nasty smell of trash stays away thanks to the subtle color and scent that is unique to the Color Scents brand!

Color Scents can be purchased at Walmart which makes them easily accessed to just about anyone! I mean, Walmart’s are everywhere right?

Not only are Color Scents great for indoor use, but think of those outdoor parties, BBQ Bash’s are just a get together! Cleaning up has never been easier with the help from Color Scents! Perfect for cleaning up indoors or out.

Make the switch to Color Scents today, you won’t be sorry! I easily fell In love with these Trash Bags, and I honestly won’t be going back to any others! I was tired of taking out my trash daily and the stench of trash filling my kitchen air. I was lucky to find a bag that keeps the stench in while giving off a lovely smell that won’t embarrass you when having guest over.

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