#FerociousFriday with Fingerlings

Southern Momma’s received the below items for free in order to publish this post. However, all opinions are 100% her own.

Meet the Untamed T-Rex from WowWee! These finger-gripping “King of the Dinos” creatures are fierce and unpredictable, and know friends vs. foes! In Untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In Tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive dinos react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations. There are 4 different T-Rexes to tame and collect!

My son loves fingerlings, so seeing the new line come out was exciting. The normal fingerlings aren’t completely girly, but I don’t find they cater to boys. The T-Rex line however does! My son was thrilled to have a dino fingerling with his new love for dinosaurs!

The kids are obsessed with these. I don’t quite get them, they don’t seem to respond as well to what I’ve been told they can do, but the kids don’t seem to care. They just love playing with them. If something so little and inexpensive can entertain my little one for hours, its a WIN for me!

  • Reacts to sound, motion, and touch
  • Wild roars, chomping jaws, and even a little dino gas
  • Grips onto your finger and fiercely loyal
  • Batteries included; Additional colors sold separately

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