Beech-Nut Mom Party

This post is in partnership with Beech-Nut® Naturals™, all opinions and photos are my own.

Recently we had a Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM mom party and we had so much fun! All the mom’s (and babies) were ecstatic! We all talked about how delicious and wonderful Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM are. We talked about the lovely honeypot shape of the jar that stands out to everyone. And we also sampled baby food to our little bundles of joys. 

The babies were hungry upon arrival of our party, so we went straight into testing out the food! Everyone seemed to really love it. I can’t blame them, it even smelled good as if I wanted to taste! All of the moms were really impressed with how much their child honestly loved the flavors. They were excited to get a jar to take home themselves! 

Beech-Nut® NaturalsTM is inspired by homemade baby food and is real baby food for babies. It is made with real fruits and veggies, just like you would use at home! 100% natural!

Everyone left with baby food, spoons, jar koozies, coupons, and recipes. They were all excited with the ton of information they learned and at the fact that they had a new favorite food of there child’s to go buy. 

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