Back to School with Radz

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Radz making Back to School FUN! Not only are Radz super cute, but they are also fun! Plus the candy dispensers happen to be my son’s absolute favorite! 

Part of the fun for children involves customizing their back to school outfits to feel unique and special. Radz helps them do just that with their hot fall lineup of licensed products! With brand new accessories that feature a special clip to use for hanging on backpacks, belts and bags, with the added bonus of being filled with delicious candy, they certainly are stylish! Kids can take their favorite characters with them when they head back to class and have yummy candy to snack on to sweeten their day! Get ready to hit the books and head back to school on trend!

Mix favorite perfect dose of yummy and stylish with Radz dispensers! These fun toys dispense candy and can be clipped onto anything to customize your style! New licenses feature fan favorites from Trolls and Jurassic World! Each character comes with a delicious bag of Radz candy, , pull back the character’s head and the tongue will pop out to dispense a delectable treat! All candy is gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher certified, safe for everyone to enjoy. A perfect and delicious accessory!

Radz Trolls

Bring the Trolls to you with these funky Radz dispensers! Their hair and hats are interchangeable so you can mix up and customize your favorite characters from the hit movie!

MSRP$3.99- $4.99

Retail Locations: Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Five Below, Burlington, Shopper’s World, Jungle Jim’s

Jurassic World Radz

Jurassic World Radz are just as yummy as they are ferocious! Add these to your pack, and pop out Jurassic World candies right from the dino’s mouth!

MSRP: $3.99- $4.99

Retail Locations: Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Five Below, Burlington, AAFES, DeCA/Commissary, Shopper’s World, Jungle Jim’s

These adorable clip-ons are going to be the best part of the classroom. Radz Plusheez are featured in many different styles, with licenses including, My Little Pony, Animal Jam and Emoji. Each one will have its own special set of characters and come with delicious Radz candy stuffed inside the back zipper – and a special surprise too!

Animal Jam Plusheez

Make some noise when you go back to school with some Animal Jam Plusheez! With so many adorable animals to choose from, you’ll want to collect them all!

MSRP: $4.99- $5.99

Retail Locations: Target, Shopper’s World, Target, Jungle Jim’s

My Little Pony Plusheez

Gallop into the new school year with My Little Pony Plusheez! With so many ponies to choose from, it’ll be hard to pick your favorite for the playground! Maybe you’ll have to collect them all 

MSRP: $4.99- $5.99

Retail Locations: Target, Shopper’s World, Target, Jungle Jim’s

Emoji Plusheez

Make a statement and let your classmates know how you’re feeling with Emoji Plusheez! With a different emoji for every day of the week – take your pick! They’re super soft too and add just the right statement for back to school!

MSRP: $4.99- $5.99

Retail Locations: Target, Shopper’s World, Target, Jungle Jim’s

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