About Me

Hey Y’all, 

My name is Lauren Cheely, also known as Southern Momma’s. I am a shopping addicted, blog loving, product reviewing, small-town southern twenty-something full-time working Momma!

Even with a full-time job, I still find the time for reviewing, hosting giveaways, and finding deals for my blog. While trying to be super mom, a great employee, and having a little fun on the side, blogging is still one of my biggest passions.

Although I would love to give up my job and be a full-time blogger to stay home with my son, I honestly love my job. I started working at Oceaneering in 2009 as a summer helper while I was in High School. Nearly 10 years later I am now a full-time employee working in the Diving Division. Over the past years, I have worked in Human Resource, HSE/SEMs, & Diving doing all sorts of different things!

I began blogging in 2014, right before my son was due! I immediately fell in love with being a blogger and a product/event reviewer. Now that my son is 3 he is my little helper! He loves being able to test out and see all the new toys before they hit the stores! He looks forward to helping me each and every day!

Having my son at a young age has been a beautiful blessing for us. In December of 2016, it was confirmed that I have Endometriosis, which can cause infertility. Blogging has been a way to help keep my mind off of it as well as a distraction from the pain that it causes.

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