ABC Chalk Activity for Preschoolers

This year my son was in his second year of preschool and he has been learning his letters, shapes, and colors. He can say all of his ABC’s most of the time, but I wouldn’t say that he’s got it down 100%. So I like to take any chance I can to reinforce this important preschool information. This ABC Chalk Activity for Preschoolers is a fun and quick activity that you can do with your preschooler using only chalk. With Summer coming fast, this is perfect for those Summer Days!

I took our chalk out to our driveway and drew all the letters of the alphabet in large letters all across the driveway. They were probably about 1-2′ square each – plenty of space for my son to stand on each letter.

When I was down writing the letters, I told him to run over and stand on the “A”. Then I asked him to tell me a word that started with A. The goal is to have him say a word that starts with the letter he is standing on and then moving to the next letter.


Outdoor sidewalk chalk


1. Draw the alphabet on a large sidewalk space, like a driveway.

2. Starting with the letter A, have your child stand on the letter and say a word that starts with that letter.

3.Have your child run, walk or hop to the next letter whenever they get a word right.

4. Go through the entire alphabet, saying a word for each letter. Help your child whenever they need help with a particular letter.

This is a fun activity because it is outdoors and my son is still moving around. I had to help him with the words, but the point isn’t that he gets everything perfect. For a reinforcement game, the goal is to simply remind, remind, remind. It takes a lot of exposure to something until it “clicks” for kids and adults, so I want to just keep reminding him of the alphabet, and letter and playing word games.

Next time we play, I will definitely invite a few kids his age. I think it would be so fun for them to take turns and help each other!

What’s your preschooler’s favorite chalk game?